Expenses – How donations are disbursed

Director’s compensation 0
All other salaries 0
Engineering consultant fees 0
Web design by 룰렛사이트Stanford Rosenthal 0
Media consulting by 룰렛사이트Ken McCarthy 0
Polly Jackson pastel images 0
Video hosting Web Video Zone 0
Photography by Zack Smith 0
PSA appearance by actor John Goodman 0
PSA appearance by actor Harry Shearer 0
Signage by Graffiti Graphics 0
Legal counsel Adams and Reese 0
Legal counsel Cooley, LLP Nov 07 – Nov 2010 0
Lobby consulting by Abraham Crown & Assoc 0
Brand consulting, Ann Convery 0
Consulting, Mark Barnes, Apr 2011 – present 0
Consulting, Mark Barnes, Oct 2010- Mar 2011 $950
Web design by Stanford Rosenthal 2009 – 2011 $100/yr
Publicity by The Brylski Co $300/yr
Web Hosting $4/ mo
룰렛사이트 www.satyastarsystem.com domain name $9.30/ yr
Lapel buttons $100/ yr
Salsa Labs?advocacy software $400/ mo
Yard signs 2006 $500
USACE expenses for FOIA in 2010 $559.50
USACE expenses for FOIA in 2014 $88.00
Sponsorship SanFranola $300
Sponsorship Rising Tide Conference (3 years) $500/yr
Video editing by Ralph Madison $750/yr
Lease 5000 Warrington Dr., London Ave Canal $250/yr
Map creation and consulting 룰렛사이트Ezra Boyd?2011 $4,028
Press releases by Marketwire $900/yr
Letter?writing management CAT TEAM $75/wk

룰렛사이트 www.satyastarsystem.com is a non-partisan non-profit incorporated on August 29, 2006 in the State of Louisiana.? All revenues are from supporter donations and from occasional fund raisers.? 룰렛사이트 www.satyastarsystem.com is a genuine grassroots group and therefore accepts no funding from stakeholder groups or industries. 룰렛사이트 www.satyastarsystem.com has no corporate sponsors.